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aclu, aesthetics, agnosticism, albert camus, ancient roman political structures, anti-environmentalism, anti-nader, ass phisting, being a scene, being anti-christ like, being dirty, being moody, being out of love, being trite and sophomoric, bitterness, black, bronchial dialation, city club, comas, commas, copiers, d&d, darkness, death match tourney, demorilization of suburbia, devestation of suburbia, eastern bloc, enemas, even more city club, falling out of love, five dollar whores, flesh, fondiling, fucking hippipes, fucking ravers, girls who play bass, goth groping, goth=lame, government spending, greecian urns, groping, grunge rock, guerilla movements, guitar, harry s. truman, hate, hippie bashing, homemade porn, incongruity, insanity, insomnia, intelectual wankery, joan miro, kat's little monster, kathleen, kingdom james, lamb, letting the dogs out, luna, making a scene, making enemies, meat, medeski martin and wood, medical malpractice, mianbaoche, miles davis, minivans, more city club, my little monster, my michael, neil young, om, pain, pavement, penis envy, persian carpet, photography, pigtails, plur, pointing and staring, pop, post-coital philosophy, pressure, pretension, public policy, racial inequality, radiohead, recording, revolutions, russia, scars, sebadoh, sex, sexual subordination, shallow and self-absorbed people, shooting my load, shooting your load, sleeping with her enemy, slow motion, soccer hooligans, socialism, sorostitutes, spite, squarepusher, stealth bombers, stephen malkmus, sucky-sucky, superficial anything, suv's, trinidad, tube tops, um, unforseen consequences, using the word moist, vanity, vengance, venture capital, wankeristic tendancies, wankery, war, warlords, whack-whack-whack, whores, whores i tell you, wounds, your mom
its not a statue, its a death threat

art is often misconstrued by the public

so public,

lick my ass!

is city club is a theory or a place? I love misery. I love beauty. Take me away you scary, scary goth princess.

City Club: a way of life...

if you like fists up your ass...


ps. kat loves wearing fleece...